Halo 5: Guardian Beta Menu Concepts

Mockups for the Halo 5: Guardians Beta Menus. Final game went in a different direction, but beta menus were based off of these early concepts. Medal Icons by Ryan Lee.

Jeff christy 03 pgcr stats 08182014 2

Post Game Carnage Report

Jeff christy 04 pgcr playeroptions 08192014

Player Options

Jeff christy 05 pgcr medals

Medal Browser

Jeff christy 1customhelmet

Helmet Selection

Jeff christy matchmaking hsr

Playlist Selection

Jeff christy characterselect 21 1080 3 out colortreated

Character Select Concept - All Text is placeholder!

Jeff christy argos title comp cc

Early Concept - Title Screen - Emblem would be projected on Holotable

Jeff christy argos mainmenu comp

Early Concept - Main Menu - MP Emblem projected on Holotable.

Jeff christy argos motd comp cc

Early Concept - Message of the Day

Jeff christy argos episodes comp cc
Jeff christy comp 1 0 00 00 00

Spartan Hub - Visor Display

Jeff christy gunmode 3 store fixed

Art used for Req Pack pitch. Early 2013. Final version this time.

Jeff christy 1 listartdirection

Early exploration on style for list items.